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"Naruto leaves to go to the bathroom"... wait, bathroom? In the forest???
Popcorn Dave: Not wanting to sound like a whiny bitch, but why do people keep changing the clever/funny trope titles only to replace them with something really mundane and obvious? "Bluff The Imposter"? Fucking YAWN. We might as well call it "Saying Something Only The Real Person Would Know Because You Think They Might Be A Bad Guy In Disguise" so no-one gets confused. Half the fun of TV Tropes used to be the clever and creative titles that people would come up with. Are people just trying to make this site boring?

Tongpu: When this sort of thing happens, it tends to be because someone decides that the original title is too obscure and not descriptive enough. If I pretend for a minute that I somehow wasn't familiar with Terminator 2, I can see how I would have no way of connecting the title Cry Wolfie to what the trope is actually about.

Antheia: I am familiar with Terminator 2, and I still couldn't connect the title Cry Wolfie with this trope. (It's the scene where John Connor is on the phone with his "foster mother", right?) It's not even like those exact words are that significant to the plot.
Octavo: Some of these examples seem ill-sorted between here and Something Only They Would Say. Thinking for example of the Digimon World 2 here or the Naruto there.
Slvstr Chung: I also feel the need to point out that the trope title is currently misspelled. "Imposter", not "Impostor".