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09:06:37 PM Dec 11th 2016
The film section of this article seems largely to misunderstand the trope as described in the introduction. The introduction particularly emphasizes that it's about works, principally series, that work better on DVD (or streaming) because the narrative hangs together better as a whole, while far too many of the examples in the film sectio are just examples of directors cuts of single films, which is the Enhanced on DVD trope. These should be trimmed and moved where possible.
09:30:01 AM Apr 14th 2012
Add Game of Thrones to the list... especially for us without Sky...

08:19:03 AM Oct 19th 2010
edited by NOYB

A troper wrote "Although the 'previouslies' do become annoying due to the same clips being repeated several times e.g. Buffy finding out from the monk about where Dawn came from."

Where did you get yours? Mine don't have these.
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