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fleb: This trope isn't about something literally being superior when presented on the DVD medium, but rather about something serially aired on TV becoming available in condensed form, so it can't really apply to Video Games, so... I'm cutting that section.

  • Southpeak Interactive's Dark Side of the Moon (not to be confused with the Pink Floyd album). The alternative are six CDs, that need very very frequent swapping. (This troper played it with four virtual drives and one real one. Swapping just two discs was still maddening.)
  • Riven: The Sequel to Myst (idem).
  • Tex Murphy Overseer, if only because of the much-improved video quality over the terrible Smacker compression of the CD version.
  • Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, for similar reasons as Overseer.
    • Although a version of Wing Commander Prophecy on DVD was created, it was never distributed. A fanmade patch is available (legally, it seems) over at Wing Commander CIC, allowing owners of the CD version of Prophecy to upgrade to DVD quality movies.

Fast Eddie: Pulled this 'graph:

The general opposite of this is, of course, a series that is better in its original airing. The complete opposite of this is some combination of Strictly Formula, Midstrike Monologue, excessive Previously On, and gratuitous Flash Back Stock Footage; making some DVD versions next to unwatchable.

... because ... well, see Wiki Schizophrenia
"perfectly spherical cabbage": Implication? Was the fully detailed cabbage somehow objectionable? Or just that the animators finally had time to touch up their artwork?
Charred Knight: a Picture that shows the difference in quality? Fine. A picture that makes the entire nanoha fanbase look like perverts? Not fine. Please don't give a fanbase a bad name here.

Smokie: You have got to be the most unfunny person in this wiki. Making the entire Nanoha fanbase look like perverts because of a picture like that? You sure you're not getting a little touchy here?

Charred Knight: I don't find panties shots of 9 year olds to be hilarious, I find them disturbing. All your picture did is make me think twice about getting Nanoha, if all the good things I heard about the series is 9 year old panties than I am skipping it.

Hi: Question: is there an opposite to "Better on DVD"? I'm thinking of [[Charmed]] which, while egregiously tacky in regular broadcast form, becomes even worse when watched on DVD. Continuity errors, rehashes of storylines, and nonsensical changes to the show's world are even more obvious.