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05:43:13 AM Apr 23rd 2017
I'm not clear how the two "You'll know it's a dangerous one if it kills you" examples are actually this fallacy. That is a way to distinguish dangerous from harmless (albeit one with obvious drawbacks), it doesn't require assuming the conclusion.
12:21:13 PM Sep 23rd 2011
This is just one of a series of logical fallacy pages. It does not look like the "rant" mentioned in the cutlist entry to me.
04:05:49 PM Sep 23rd 2011
Agreed. Unless "one-sentence clarification to avoid people misusing the trope" = "rant", now.
04:48:49 AM Sep 26th 2011
If it's a rant, then so are any and all "not to be confused with X" clarifications. Do we cut every page that has one of those now?
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