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03:29:11 PM Jun 17th 2017
edited by 500100500
Is this dialogue an example of Badass Boast? It consists of three paragraphs. If so, state where it is, and if not, explain why not.
  • Patrick Jones: What do you want, Zola?
  • Arnim Zola: Well, I want you to seize Jane Foster by trial.
  • Patrick Jones: Well, you see, I think that you are playing with a power you cannot comprehend. Even if I get Kimi Oona here, her name will blow your mind. Even if you try to figure out every anagram, the very last one you figure out will shock you. All of this a scientist deduces, if the villain has a name but not its meaning, it is useless.

08:45:27 PM Sep 9th 2014
edited by
Some of the examples on subpages don't seem to fit.

In particular, a lot of the videogame ones are just generic boasts, eg most of the Smash Bros ones:

Lucario: "Watch the power of Aura!"
Meta-Knight: "Know my POWER!"
Sonic the Hedgehog: "Now I'll show you!", this is a tricky trope, since it's not strictly subjective (the idea is that the character is claiming badassery, not that the quote comes across as badass, I know); still, I think it's reasonable to say that "Now I'll show you!" or generic lines like "Know my POWER!" don't really qualify, since the character isn't really claiming any unique badassery. And if those qualify, nearly every boast ever spoken in any media would qualify...
01:46:37 AM Sep 10th 2014
The distinction is not that clear. These examples seem to fit the trope theme, though.
01:30:50 PM Nov 14th 2012
I notice that a few of these Badass Boasts are made by somebody other than the Badass. So... not really a 'boast'. I submit that there should be two categories: Badass Boast, and a different trope called, say, Let Me Introduce The Badass - when a Supporting Character or Everyman is the one telling the villains, "You should be afraid."
01:01:19 AM Jul 2nd 2014
I was thinking something similar for when a support character (the example that springs to mind is a child) has been say captured and tells their capture that a badass will be ruining their day, I.e. "my dad is going to kick your ass"
10:44:10 PM Jun 17th 2011
For the top-of-page quote: It should be famous. Shouldn't we have "I came, I saw, and I conquered?"

That has got to be the MOST RECOGNIZABLE usage of this trope, and it's not from some post-modern satire or whatever the current quote is from.
01:16:45 PM Aug 12th 2011
Agreed. I removed the one from Secondhand Lions because, like all of the other ones quoted thus far, it is simply a Badass Boast, but not the Badass Boast worthy of topping this page.
09:53:43 PM Nov 5th 2011
Most recognizable?

Cogito ergo sum "I think, therefore I am."
01:59:11 PM Apr 3rd 2012
That isn't a boast, though. It is the reassurance of one's existence.
01:09:53 PM Oct 1st 2012
Personally, I'd agree that Veni Vidi Vici is the Badass Boast. If you were to hold a poll of all of the ones this wiki records, I doubt any others would be as recognised as that one.
04:20:58 PM Oct 30th 2010
Would Keiichi's " I don't care about destiny, I don't care about the heavens. None of that matters to me. I just want to be with you!" line from the OV As count as a boast, seeing as who he would believe to be(and is) watching?
08:21:14 PM Aug 28th 2010
Does the MJ song "Bad" mean nothing to you people?
02:30:37 PM Jul 12th 2010
Does anyone have the page quote from before it was Beowulf?
07:22:41 AM Aug 19th 2010
I think there was a quote from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. "Who the hell do you think I am?". Or maybe that was the image's caption. Im not sure sure.
09:44:29 AM May 22nd 2010
What about Tvtropes's own badass boast?
06:16:34 PM Jul 12th 2010
Tv Tropes can and will ruin your life without even trying.
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