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You have just read a witty profile, and will now laugh for a minute straight

(BTW, too bad if my edits to Star Trek Armada's page gave you nightmares.)

I like Wiki Walking, and I think this website should be renamed "The Fun Wiki". This troper just can't take violence seriously, and loves dark humor, mostly because he grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek products, and got tired of Goodis Dumb and Bowdlerization. This troper is a mite autistic, has no friends, and likes Memetic Mutation.

This is my favorite website, second-favorite is That Guy with the I like commentaries like SF Debris and RedLetterMedia. Two favorite works: Mass Effect series and the Star Wars Expanded Universe (despite the aforementioned Bowdlerization)

I am one of those "Romantics". And FYI, All Girls Want Bad Boys, but speaking from experience, women who try to "fix me" just feel a bunch of pain, then it gets too much for them. Idiots; I prefer odd and/or arrogant women. I hate Holly Wood's "Beauty" (it's as if Gay men are deciding what women are sexy), and Actresses who're popular despite not being able to act (Megan Fox, GGGRR!)