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Don't you know who I am? launched as Badass Boast: From YKTTW

Cassius335: Moving the Darkwing Duck example over to In the Name of the Moon

Radical Taoist: ...I know I can't have added the Balon Greyjoy example with the right words, but I don't have access to ACoK right now.
Looney Toons: Snipped this from the "Marines" example because, well, it's not really a Badass Boast, but also because it's an old joke that's been applied to just about every force, including the Texas Rangers (which is where I first heard it):

  • Speaking of that during a revolt in a Latin American country one planter sent for help. When one marine arrived he was asked why there was only one. He replied,"Of course. There warn't but one revolution."

grendelkhan: Removed this, as it's just a catch phrase, and I can't remember Ash ever having a bit where he explains who he is and how badass that makes him.
  • Ashley "Ash" P. Williams had several. "Come get some", for example.

Charred Knight: Deleted, because Mat was talking to himself, and being sarcastic. The actual context is that Mat sees all nobles as snobbish morons who care more about lineage than competencty (his mostly right), in this case Weiramon wouldn't follow him since Mat is a farmer, and a gambler. Mat knowing this was sarcastically talking to himself about hoow the nobles whould surely follow a farmer, gambler, and just wait for the Dragon Reborn to arrive.

  • The Wheel of Time. Mat Cauthon: "I'm a gambler, a farmboy, and I'm here to take command of your bloody army." Bonus points for saying it to a bunch of snobbish aristocrats

The ykttw's title was "Don't you know who I am?". Was there a fansub where it was worded that way? Can the poster of the ykttw comment? —Document N

Travis Wells: I didn't mean it that way, at least not consciously. (I've seen TTGN so it may have slipped in)

While I hate piling a question on a question, is there a trope when the playing-up of a character's badassness is done by a different character, like sometimes in the "description" part of a Description Cut? —Document N
The following contains spoilers. It is also natter, and I have eliminated it.

  • Too bad he didn't have the fight to back up the boast.
    • Didn't have the fight? He killed Grindor, "disarmed" Starscream and beat him with it, and only got taken down when Megatron snuck up on him from behind.

Xi Whoeverski: Removed the second and third page quote - not only are there too many, but after the first one they're a bit anticlimactic.