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02:33:14 PM Sep 28th 2017
  • the Matriarchy of the Classic Silurians was a big plot twist made possible by how all the female Silurians look quite masculine to human eyes.

When was this plot twist revealed? TARDIS Wiki seems entirely ignorant of it, and assumes all the Classic Silurians who appeared on screen were male.
05:11:24 PM Dec 26th 2016
Removed the following examples from the page.

Not an Example—the trope is about a progression in a character, not a single isolated instance before reverting to the status quo:
  • Honeycomb Cereal's Crazy Cravings are usually Cephalothoraxes. However, in one commercial, when a male Crazy Craving discovers bears surrounding an RV holding the cereal, he becomes Goldilocks, complete with a torso to show off "her" dress.

This entry mentions no clear use of the trope, only meta discussion outside the work with a sidenote about other authors treatment of the same universe:
  • As stated elsewhere, Dinotopia author/illustrator James Guerney never met an animal-related trope he liked. He strongly dislikes it when animal characters act too human and has written in his blog about how he himself has has struggled to avoid this. It's worth noting that a few of the spinoff novels and the films have featured animal characters that are indeed anthropomorphic or nearly so. Canon Discontinuity? You betcha.

06:05:04 PM Jan 5th 2011
Should someone remove the Moogle reference? I think it's probably been established as a bad example
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