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11:14:54 AM Dec 28th 2017
"This is a common Artistic License for various reasons, and can be easily ignored when either only a single individual is out of scale from its Real Life counterpart, or when all animals are consistently larger or smaller than Real Life. This trope focuses primarily on animals who are not merely depicted on a different scale from Real Life, but on different scales from each other."

The examples don't reflect this...

08:08:55 PM Dec 28th 2017
edited by Everdream
Probably everyone is ignoring that because there is not a clear reason given to make that distinction. "Species Portrayed As Bigger/Smaller Than They Are In Real-Life" and "Unusually Large/Small Individual Animal " are valid tropes in their own right, and being that Tropes Are Flexible, I see no problem listing them here, and I think that paragraph should be removed from the article.
03:48:59 PM Oct 7th 2011
No Real Life examples? Come on, there are PLENTY of times in real life when an animal species is an unsual size.
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