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07:02:31 AM Oct 16th 2012
I'm going to add to the literature section some examples from 19th Century French Pulp Fiction, which really where the Trope Makers for this trope, though they don't get the credit they deserve in the English Speaking world. It'll take awhile though to gather all the info I need to do it adequately.

The Black Coats will be a prominent example.
05:58:52 AM Aug 7th 2012
United States examples also do not fit this trope. Project Camelot and Project Miverva (or the HTS initiative, for that matter) is a simple 'divide and impera' (divide and conquer) policy, typical for any empire. Such actions are no more secret than any (counter)intelligence service (people know they exist and perform clandestine operations, they simply don't know what exactly they do). That's what Romans did with conquered lands, that's what conquistadors did to conquer Aztects, that's what imperial powers did in colonies. Nothing secret in that.
06:23:57 PM Jul 9th 2012
Why is the Catholic Church listed under "Real Life"? Is it some sort of joke I'm not getting?
12:35:19 AM Jul 10th 2012
I've removed it; it's not a secret organisation. It was also a Zero-Context Example.
04:23:14 PM Oct 9th 2014
I agree with Khym Chanur and Telcontar with removing The Catholic Church under Real life. Many people are religious and religion on its own is a sensitive topic so it's best not to start arguments and fights over something that is already fixed.
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