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05:53:44 AM Feb 7th 2011
I don't know, if a sub trope of "sparkle animal" is a good idea. I just bring it up, seeing how the word "sparkledog" is mentioned on the Black Blood Alliance page. even if sparkledog would link to this one.

from being on Deviant art, it seems to me what separates a sparklecritter from, "amazing technicolor wildlife", is the amount of colors used, and the level of anthropomorphism characters have.

It seems, when people mix that with fursonas, their animals act and feel like four legged humans, more than exhibit any animal behavior.

a sparkle-critter wolf is more likely to go to raves, own a PSP, have a motorcycle, than it is to do wolf-like things like go into the woods and eat deer. though when they do, have animal lifestyles, they still think like a human. not a humanized animal.(plus now we have a white wolf with pink tiger stripes, flowing orange hair, purple eyes, ear rings running loose in the forests)

Blue from Blue's Clues still acts like a dog. the My Little Ponies go to tea parties and have castles. I assume MLP is a sparkle critter.

the down side is, "sparkle animals" is more of a web phenomenon.

these are just from my observation.

plus, it will give a kinder/neutral explanation for them. if you want to be nice.

Encyclopedia dramatica's is, well, an ED article.
03:25:06 PM Oct 27th 2010
what about near-ubiquitous things like apes being brown, reptiles being green, stuff we all assume is true til we actually look at the real thing and realize it's almost never true?
07:29:24 PM Jul 9th 2010
The example under "Anime" (namely, Pokémon) isn't really valid as the aren't examples of real wildlife exhibiting strange colorations, but fictional creatures that can be whatever color is necessary.
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