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07:19:00 PM Mar 31st 2013
Marvel Avengers Alliance, a facebook game: some of the attacks a hero can use are labelled as : "100% hit rate...usually" does that count?
11:54:01 AM Mar 18th 2012
edited by ArcadesSabboth
I think that Celtic Mythology has two examples: Gae Bolg (Cu Chullain's spear), and Sir Bedwyr (Sir Beidvere)'s spear in the Mabinogion. But I can't remember for certain. Can anyone confirm these?
01:36:24 PM Mar 18th 2012
I remember that the Gae Bolg was inevitably deadly when it hit the target, but that would imply that it could still be mis-thrown (and thus does not fit this trope).

However, Wikipedia says "... once thrown it proved invariably fatal". But that could be merely misleading wording. I don't think I ever heard before that it inevitably hit the target when thrown.
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