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Always Accurate Attack
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An attack with 100% accuracy or alternatively a technique/skill/item that ensures the next attack will hit. This is invaluable against certain targets that are really difficult to hit because of their speed or size.

In games, there tends to be some balance with these sort of attacks with low to average damage, while the more inaccurate ones are much more powerful.


Anime and Manga
  • Gae Bolg in Fate/stay night has the ability to always pierce the heart of the enemy. "Always" meaning the result (heart pierced) is already set and the cause is created after that, even if it has to involve reality warping. The only way to go Beyond the Impossible and actually dodge it is to have enough luck to be able to manipulate fate.

Card Games
  • In Lunch Money you can "grab" someone, which by itself does nothing. If they play an "avoid" card, they get out of it, but if they don't have it (or for whatever other reason decide not to play that) your next attack is unblockable.

Comic Books
  • One of the stated properties of Darkseid's Omega Beams is that they track their targets unerringly across space and time, and always eventually hit what Darkseid intends to hit. Except when they don't.
  • The Saint of Killers in Preacher wields supernatural six-guns that never miss and always inflict a lethal wound. They were forged from the sword of the Angel of Death, explaining their unusual properties.

Classical Mythology

  • Parodied in Grindhouse Planet Terror; the hero guy never misses. As he lies dying, his girl is sobbing over him begging him not to leave her alone. He pats her belly and says she won't be; he never misses.
  • The unnamed protagonist in Hero had an attack that could not miss its mark if he was within ten paces.
  • A variant occurs in The Fifth Element with the ZF-1 gun. Once something is shot once, a special feature called the "replay button" turns all subsequent bullets into an Always Accurate Attack on the target.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • 1st Edition Deities and Demigods Cyclopedia.
      • Celtic Mythos: Goibhnie, the god of blacksmithing, makes weapons that never miss. Morrigan has two spears that never miss.
      • Central American mythos. The god Xochipilli's attacks don't miss.
      • Chinese mythos. The goddess Tou Mu has a bow that never misses an opponent within 100 yards.
      • Egyptian mythos. The god Apshai's bite never misses. Bes, the god of luck, never misses with his attacks.
      • Greek mythos. The goddess Aphrodite can damage opponents just by waving her hand. The goddess Athena never misses her targets. While the goddess Tyche is looking at a creature with only her right eye, the creature will always hit any target it attacks.
      • Hindu mythos. The goddess Ratri can give an angry look that does damage automatically. The god Tvashtri has a device that fires beams that always hit their targets up to 300 yards away.
      • Melnibonean mythos: Arrows of Law will always hit a chaotic creature. The demigod Haaashastaak always hits with his bite.
      • Nonhuman deities. Corellon Larethian has a bow that never misses.
      • Norse mythos. The god Forseti's sword always hits any opponent who has lied in the last 7 days or is chaotic. Thor's hammer Mjolnir never misses when thrown. When firing his bow the god Uller's bow never misses targets less than 200 yards away.
      • Sumerian mythos. The goddess Inanna can aid warriors by making sure they never miss an attempted hit.
    • Some spells always hit, such as Magic Missile.

Video Games
  • Pokemon: Swift, Faint Attack, Aerial Ace, Magical Leaf, Shock Wave, Shadow Punch, and Magnet Bomb. Unfortunately as of Gen II, targets that have used moves such as Fly or Dig can avoid these attacks.
    • Lock-On and Mind Reader ensures the next attack will hit, even if the target uses the before-said moves.
  • Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones: the Sniper class has the Sure Strike skill, which ensures a 100% accurate hit if it activates. Unfortunately, this skill tends to be unneeded, as your Sniper characters would have high hit chance anyways, and even worse if it activates when an enemy Sniper attacks your characters.
  • In some Final Fantasy games, magic would always be successful on targets with "Invisible" status -- even Useless Useful Spells. For Final Fantasy 6 in particular, even Contractual Boss Immunity could not protect against this, making it a Game Breaker of a Good Bad Bug.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, the gunblade used by the hero Squall Leonhart has maximum (255%) accuracy even for its most basic model. This means that Squall never misses with it, even while affected by the Blind status effect.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: the "Concentrate" support ability ensures 100% accuracy for all attacks (including magic). If an enemy is asleep, petrified, or stopped, all attacks made against it have 100% hit rate (as the enemy can't dodge).
    • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Featherblow and Take Aim are skills that do half the damage of a normal attack, but with 100% accuracy. It also has concentrate, except in it your units can get instant kill abilities (that are boosted by it). Just as it sounds like.
  • In Last Scenario, there is the spell "Slap". It executes a physical attack which cannot miss and always deals 1 damage [overlap with One Thousand Needles]. Also, with a few exceptions[[hottip:*:for example, Rage]] magical attacks always hit.
  • The default magical attack with mage staves in Dragon Age: Origins always hits the target, regardless of the defenses. The defenses do, however, affect how much damage is soaked. And the staves cannot score critical hits.
  • In Breath of Fire IV, Scias's "Shining Blade" is a critical hit that never misses (but can be parried), while the "Target" skill is a half-powered strike that cannot be parried (or miss).
  • In some RPG settings, magic ignores accuracy/evade calculations altogether, thus spells will always hit the target.
  • In Runescape, Korasi's Sword and the Dark Bow have special attacks that always hit.

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