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05:19:17 PM Oct 9th 2013
This page's description is too long. Shorten it.
10:52:01 AM Jul 1st 2012
edited by DensetsuNoKaboom
In Chrono Trigger, the final boss has an attack called "Time Warp" that teleports the entire battle to a previous part of the game, although the only way it affects the battle is by changing what attacks the boss uses. Since it technically isn't part of a level, is it this trope or just an Amazing Technicolor Battlefield?
12:14:52 AM Dec 20th 2011
Would the entirety of Sonic Generations count? The premise of the game is that Time Eater is messing with the timeline of the game series, and the game's stages and bosses are taken directly from previous Sonic games in chronological order—that is, Sonic is making his way up his own timeline to meet Time Eater in the present.

The final boss fight against Time Eater otherwise wouldn't pertain to this, but he summons in objects from every previous stage and boss battle to slow Sonic down. Would this count if the game as a whole doesn't?
10:09:39 PM May 10th 2011
Do we really need the literal fruit flavors for these things? They don't do anything to help people understand what each type means, unlike, say, the animals in Dying Like Animals which at least are mostly associated with matching Animal Stereotypes.
05:26:31 PM May 13th 2011
...Okay. That was just for fun, anyway. Good point.
04:13:13 AM May 6th 2011
Question: Does this only refer to when it happens during the absolute last stage? (I'm thinking of Sanitarium, which has this sort of stage as the next-to-last one, right before the Boss Battle that's the very last level.)
02:58:50 PM May 6th 2011
Basically, if it's pretty much the final level, it counts. If the last level is pretty much all a boss fight, then it definitely counts.
01:24:46 PM May 5th 2011
By the way, I plopped this page into the Videogame Settings index. Why the heck does it still say it's not indexed?
11:42:04 PM May 4th 2011
This article needs some organization.

However, it's 1:40 AM for me. I need to bathe and go to bed. Could someone please at least alphabetize the list?
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