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12:46:02 PM Jan 3rd 2013
Would the Animaniacs episode 'Turkey Jerky' qualify as a lampoon/parody/send up of this? At one point, Yakko has Standish on the couch, asking him to tell him all about 'Petey'. (A hamster.)
01:59:16 PM Dec 28th 2011
edited by jate88
This seems like a useful notes page. Most of the stuff can be moved to Psychology if it isn't already there with a note on this page saying to go there if you want to know how psychology in real life actually works.

The following lines seem like the only ones that belong on this page.

"This is also known as "Somewhere A Psychologist Is Crying" and is a subtrope of Hollywood Psych and Small Reference Pools. Whenever psychology comes up in media, it will always use the archaic/obsolete Freudian model."

"If a psychologist is asking about the patient's parents and childhood, sees sexual imagery in everything the patient says, and uses lots of projective tests like the Rorschach ink blot test or word association, you're probably looking at television's idea of Freudian psychology."
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