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Whatever: Does this entry...

-The fourth season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer featured a psychology teacher who in one episode explicitly referenced Freud and the id. However, given that this was a first-year course, it could be she's simply going through the history of the field; since it occurs in Buffy's dream, it might also be a way of showing that Buffy's not doing too well in the class.

...mean that the Id/Ego/Superego theory has been proven wrong or largely dismissed? We were taught that earlier this year! I've found inaccuracies and omissions before [i.e. we weren't told that the Kitty Genovese case has a fair amount of dispute in regard to how many witnesses and how many actually knew what was going on] but the whole thing being wrong would be another matter entirely.

Air Of Mystery: Far as I can tell, the Id/Ego/Superego model is more philosophy than science; since psychology has enough trouble convincing everybody to think it's a science as it is, it's probably not used much anymore.

Anon: The Id/Ego/Superego model is an untestable concept; since it is impossible to find empirical evidence for or against it, it is not a scientific concept and therefore falls within the realm of philosophy. In fact, the vast majority of Freudian psychoanalytic theory cannot be considered psychology at all because psychology is science and by its very nature psychoanalytic theory is philosophy not science, because of the reason outlined above. I wouldn't say that the model is wrong - more like irrelevant to the scientific study of the mind. As philosophy, though, it is an interesting concept.

Regarding the page: Why are only the various areas of psychiatry described? Isn't this conflating psychiatry with psychology, the very same thing the page cautions against a few paragraphs below? Since this trope involves psychology instead of psychiatry, wouldn't it be more appropriate to replace psychiatry in the first paragraph with psychology? Also, social psychology and humanistic psychology are completely omitted as areas of psychology (not psychiatry).

Whatever: Thank you for explaining. Also, my psychology course really sucks, we were taught it as fact. "One of the best schools in the city," my ass. But again, thanks a lot, I'm grateful for the information.