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08:27:45 PM Nov 5th 2014
The Real life Section needs a bit of cleaning up again. Not too much but some. As does the initial blurb. The blurb has too much word cruft. If it is a valid example it can be added to the real life section. The focus of the blurb should be the depiction in fiction not real life history.

There is a catch to this though. If the parent craft can't retrieve or have the launched craft return it isn't an airborn aircraft carrier. It is just a launch platform. If it is a one way trip such as Ohka from WWII or similar craft it is not an example. Very few craft in real life are actually examples.

08:34:38 PM Jan 13th 2012
Removed the following:

  • Broadside from Transformers: Generation 1, in a way. He transforms into both an aircraft carrier and a jet plane (and the aircraft carrier has been shown to fly). However, his effectiveness is negated as he is afraid of both heights and water-meaning that he's essentially useless.
    • One The Transformers episode had Broadside flying over Devastator in jet plane mode, then transforming into his aircraft carrier mode and letting gravity do the rest. Despite being a titan of power, the gestalt couldn't hold up under Broadside's weight.

See, thing is:

  1. Broadside's aircraft carrier mode does not fly. He flies in his jet mode
  2. His aircraft carrier mode was never shown to actually carry any aircraft. It's a bit too small to actually do that.
10:25:33 AM Jul 5th 2011
Has anyone else noticed that in fiction the Airborn Aircraft Carrier always shows up personally to a fight even if it's doing nothing but launching more aircraft? In Real Life the only true flying aircraft carriers, blimps and Zeppelins, would send in the planes from miles and miles away at high altitude. Their armaments, though ridiculously formidable, sometimes including two dozen AA guns and an autocannon, were defensive. They let the fighter squadron do battle. MAYBE they would bomb the crap out of something, but still at a safe height.

But I suppose that would never work in fiction because having the Air Carrier show up itself at low altitude to boot is more dramatic and more importantly gives the heroes/villains plenty of opportunity to attack it.
04:26:11 AM Oct 24th 2011
The US Navy built and launched two airborne aircraft carriers before the 2nd world war called the Akron & Macon. Both were lost in bad weather. They succesfully launched and retrieved their modified bi planes by means of a trapeze swing slung midway under the airship. Once captured the plane was cranked up into the belly of the airship. They carried 3 - 5 aircraft whichusually had the landing gear stripped off to reduce weight
04:23:15 AM Dec 1st 2010
Someone should add Battle Fairy Yukikaze, they use a couple of massive aircraft carriers.
09:16:37 AM Dec 1st 2010
edited by Westrim
*Jedi Mind Trick* You will add the entry yourself.
06:02:36 PM Feb 18th 2011
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Derp check the date Tuefel.
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