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10:55:02 AM May 17th 2014
I wonder, would this be the exact opposite of the Broken Aesop?

An Accidental Aesop = The story wasn't intended to tell the Aesop, but nonetheless fits well with one.

Broken Aesop = The story was intended to tell an Aesop, but doesn't really mesh well with it.
08:00:36 PM Jun 19th 2010
Death of the Author...Just Death of the Author. Reading this page hurts my English major soul.
03:58:34 AM Feb 4th 2014
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You're reading a page about people reading in morals that clearly weren't intended by the author and you don't expect Death of the Author?

EDIT: Also, this is maybe the least humble humble brag I've ever seen.
04:39:40 AM Jul 31st 2016
Maybe they were expecting more of it?
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