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03:23:46 AM Apr 11th 2014

I believe that the absent minded professor probably suffers from Dyspraxia. There are two main symptoms of dyspraxia.

1) Clumsiness. Dyspraxic people often have trouble with things like catching balls, riding bikes and tying shoelaces.

2) disorganisation. Dyspraxic people often have problems with remembering names, dates, etc... will often put a kettle on and completely forget about it, and constantly end up leaving things in various places. They will forget about things that are now what they are currently thinking about, and they are currently thinking about everything.

I guess this comes from and idea that every genius brain compensates by having problems with it. Currently we tend to see more 'professor' characters who tend towards having autism, but, as a dyspraxic person myself, I would like to see more dyspraxic professors, and I believe it would have fantastic opportunities for comedy.

12:34:26 AM Jul 30th 2011
Otaku: If you're really serious about renaming this, go to "Trope Repair Shop" on the fora, and start a thread there. We don't cut tropes for having bad names.
11:06:15 PM Jul 29th 2011
About the cut: Uum, what?
11:50:30 PM Jul 29th 2011
Ok, Otaku, this has gone far enough. Cutlisting tropes because you're in a snit over the fact that a number of people have said that Naked Sally is not a good name for a new page is going to far.
03:43:12 AM May 27th 2011
edited by SteamGoth
Awwww...I kind of miss the old article, the one that was a Self-Demonstrating Article from the beginning and featured the picture from Back to the Future. It had the caption "He can read your's his own thoughts that are a mystery to him." Could we revive that article? Anyone?
10:56:25 PM Jun 18th 2011
At least we could return the old picture and caption, if anyone has the link...
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