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10:41:05 AM Sep 29th 2014
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Somewhere, there has to be a first instance of someone notable saying "... an enigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a warm flour tortilla and smothered with guacamole..." but apparently that's the irst place a certain type of mind goes with this. Anyone know the original source? Might have been a review of Casteneda's Don Juan books.
11:11:15 PM Sep 28th 2013
How about this:
You're complicated. You're like a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, sealed with obscurity, and shipped through the WTF postal service. That's just the package you come in.
Is it just me, or does the last part qualify as being a Mixed Metaphor of some kind?
08:38:30 AM Jan 24th 2011
Page example at issue:
  • Used in NCIS to describe Abby.

Anyone want to elaborate how?
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