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07:58:30 AM Jun 13th 2013
I just looked up Wally's theme song and read a top comment about how Americans are annoying for changing Wally's name to Waldo as if everyone in America got to vote on it. I found it hilarious.
11:32:55 AM Aug 17th 2011
I like the half Waldo / half Wally thing the page has.
07:30:15 AM Dec 7th 2010
Since the books were originally titled Where's Wally, and Where's Waldo is merely the North American export title, shouldn't the name of this page be Where's Wally?
04:58:53 AM Mar 28th 2011
Hey, I was just thinking that - this seems to be a particularly bad example of Eagle Land/Americanitus
10:56:53 AM Jun 15th 2011
See Naming a Trope, but basically, Wiki Rule is that whoever gets to the page first gets to choose the name. In this case, an American troper got to the page first, and thus named it Waldo.

Also, you spelled Americanitis wrong.
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