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01:40:26 PM Jan 1st 2016
Something is Wrong
08:05:37 AM Jan 31st 2012
These entries need to be expanded according to How to Write an Example:
11:09:26 PM Jan 18th 2013
A God Am I: Allah declares that He is God, and justifiably so

This is a bit problematic, as Allah is the name of God...not a different entity that declares he is God. The creator of the universe, is called Allah, and Muslims believes he's the God of Adam, Moses, and Jesus. Not sure about the validity of including the entry, as such.
01:47:18 AM May 3rd 2013
I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say. Allah is "just" the Arabic word for "God". It is the same word used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews.
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