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12:26:38 PM Jul 14th 2010
Anyone else noticing edits not showing up on the page? They appear in my watchlist, but not in the page history or page itself. I thought it was just me, but I don't see the one done by the person after me, either.
06:37:54 AM Jul 16th 2010
edited by Aver
I've got the same problem. Edits do show up in my watchlist, but the history is still stuck at July the 7th. I just tried editing my own 'dating profile', saved it, but the page doesn't change anything. Can anyone help un-do this problem?
09:27:29 PM Jul 20th 2010
It seems to be fixed now.
01:16:41 PM Jul 3rd 2010
edited by spiritsunami
Regarding these comments from the archived discussion...

...Yeah, I'm not really surprised at all. Males are, well, generally pathetic (alternatively, guys just wanna pick up chicks.) What amuses me is that the "Bisexual" section is predominantly female. This, we could work with. (So Yeah, guilty as charged.)

Also, which way to the IRC?
02:44:56 AM Feb 1st 2011
edited by DesignatedNPC
Most of the Bisexual entries are women? Well, as the above says, women do seem more likely to have their pick of partners compared to men, romantic or otherwise...

Stay classy, Mister Sunami.
12:38:58 PM Feb 3rd 2011
Yeah, where is the IRC? I'd like to know as well.
04:25:33 PM Oct 29th 2011
I may be a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, but can someone add me to the list? ASL is...22/Male/near Galveston, Texas.
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