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01:51:13 AM Jan 7th 2013
A lot of the questions and answers here contain irrelevant jokes, poking fun at Stephanie Meyer and her religious beliefs, accusations of sexism (the headscrathcers page is not the place to debate this), and taking cheap shots at the series. This is a problem because the Headscratchers page is for asking legitimate questions and having them answered (in a serious manner) by someone that knows the series.

Would anyone be interested in helping me clean up the page?
03:14:53 PM Jul 5th 2013
I'd love to, but it's really, really difficult.

Primarily because there's just sooooooo much Author Fail - Meyer is so horribly bad at getting basic possibilities correct (even for a Fantasy series) and obviously never did a single minute of basic research when writing the series, that being able to clean up the questions and replies is almost doomed to failure. Not to mention the little fact that it's plain no professional editor got within a light year of the prose.

We might be able to remove a few of the more extraneous additions, but, really, the answers, while heavily in Snark or Anvilicious mode, are really absolutely correct in the basic, fundamental, myopic, idiotic nature of pretty much all the "science" or behaviors of people the series itself.
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