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12:36:10 PM Jun 4th 2014
Okay, usually I don't like this kind of show at all but my family loves it a lot so I'm surprised that one of the only parts I thought were funny from the Second Season with The Terminator girl wasn't listed on here. :(

It's the part where Sheldon and Penny are on the phone and he's asking her to do something very important since he's too busy being on a train to go to somewhere (forgot the place. XD) and she's just snooping around his home, such as asking why his "mi ma" calls him "Moonpie".

I thought the entire exchange was really funny. XD Such as Sheldon flipping out, Penny saying "What up Moonpie?", and then asking why she calls him that and how the whole thing is extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable for him. XD

Also, whatever part had the milk thing in it where Penny borrowed milk from Sheldon's apartment to use for her coffee and he's like "So you're the milk thief! Me and Leonard thought we were going crazy!" Basically, it's Properly Paranoid Played for Laughs. XD

Those were some of the only moments I thought were Actually Pretty Funny. :p

But I'm not sure if anyone agrees with my opinions. :( I'm not used to adding examples and being a known troper. XD
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