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11:32:08 PM Jan 2nd 2015
I think the Livestream folder is starting to burst at the seams. Give it its own page: Y/N?
12:57:15 PM Apr 4th 2011
edited by battosaijoe
Okay, so this is what the first example used to look like:

ProtonJon: ...oh, what?!...WHAT?! WHAAAT?! ...What the fuck? What the fuck? What...the...fuck? What the...(bursts into tears)
(silence, as ProtonJon calms himself)
ProtonJon: Maybe I imagined that...
(Reloads save-state, which shows Mario dying via Kaizo Trap...again.)
ProtonJon: (distraught) Oh FUCK I didn't imagine that!

Now, in my opinion, the excessive potholing is just plain distracting and I can't fathom a reason for the spoiler tags. So i reverted it back to the form it's in now, and brought it here. If the consensus likes the version with the potholes and/or the spoiler tags better, then I will happily revert it myself. Until then, it's been reverted. Comments?
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