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08:39:48 AM Apr 16th 2017
I've taken the liberty to go through the Resident Evil 5 section and fix a number of problems (and in some cases, rewrite entire examples) that caught my attention. There were inconsistencies with formatting and indentation, cases where multiple examples were crammed into one bullet point, unnecessary potholing, and examples that just could be worded better. I added a few new examples as well. If I overstepped or made any bad calls along the way, let me know.
11:32:08 PM Jan 2nd 2015
I think the Livestream folder is starting to burst at the seams. Give it its own page: Y/N?
12:57:15 PM Apr 4th 2011
edited by battosaijoe
Okay, so this is what the first example used to look like:

ProtonJon: ...oh, what?!...WHAT?! WHAAAT?! ...What the fuck? What the fuck? What...the...fuck? What the...(bursts into tears)
(silence, as ProtonJon calms himself)
ProtonJon: Maybe I imagined that...
(Reloads save-state, which shows Mario dying via Kaizo Trap...again.)
ProtonJon: (distraught) Oh FUCK I didn't imagine that!

Now, in my opinion, the excessive potholing is just plain distracting and I can't fathom a reason for the spoiler tags. So i reverted it back to the form it's in now, and brought it here. If the consensus likes the version with the potholes and/or the spoiler tags better, then I will happily revert it myself. Until then, it's been reverted. Comments?
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