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10:14:31 AM May 6th 2016
edited by VicGeorge2011
Why did Give My Regards in the Next World and Groin Attack get deleted from this article?
06:48:38 AM Sep 28th 2016
I put them in the character tropes under Janet and Crim. The storm one was put back in the main article. That's fair enough because it happens in the background during Dammit Janet as well as having Crim say it.
04:14:16 PM Jun 2nd 2014
edited by
Dunno what's going on with the note in A Storm Is Coming. It's in there with [[note]][[/note]], just the same as every other note on the page, but it's showing up as plain text to me.
05:41:30 PM Jun 2nd 2014
The note in the line above was not closed properly, it seems. I fixed it for you.
12:35:01 PM Feb 21st 2013
The entry underneath Everyone Is Bi, it is stated how furious Riff got when he mentioned that Rocky didn't like him while being calm in the rest of the scene. This seems to me as less of a romantic jealousy anger as it is the fact that Riff was practically Rocky's creator. After all, why wouldn't Riff be angry about not being liked by his own creation?
07:56:01 PM May 1st 2011
In the floor show Janet sings that "his lust is so sincere". Did she totally forget Frank said she was as "sensual as a pencil" in the last song? Even though this is Frank N. Furter we're talking about, I think that's supposed to be an insult.
04:02:48 PM Oct 21st 2010
what would you call the fact that the song "Sweet Transvestite" gives away that Frank N Furter is an alien from the planet Transsexual, in the galaxy Transylvania, but in the context of the song, it's made to sound like the word transsexual is being used as an adjective and that he's from Transylvania, Romania?
09:59:26 PM Dec 6th 2011
A vague hint that leads to a shocking twist later, it throws you off without actually giving you false facts.
05:08:44 PM Jul 5th 2010
does anyone else think we need a seperate page for The Rocky Horror Show, since their are plenty of differences between the movie and watching it performed live.
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