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11:50:15 AM May 14th 2014
The Messiah is no longer a trope. Please readd under a correct trope.
  • The Messiah: Kermit. He not only wants to make people happy (a goal shared by his friends), but he also had this to say to Doc Hopper:
    Kermit: I don't think you're a bad man, Doc. But I think if you look in your heart, you'll find you really want to let me and my friends go... to follow our dream. But, if that's not the kind of man you are, and what I'm saying doesn't make any sense to you... well, then, go ahead and kill me.
    • Subverted to a point, in that Doc Hopper's response is to give the kill order.
09:35:37 AM Oct 10th 2012
Any chance we could futz around with the namespaces and make this Movie/TheMuppetMovie just for the heck of it?
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