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02:25:18 PM Jan 31st 2017
I always thought the prince said "Orion's Bell", which K either misheard as "Belt" or assumed the T got cut off in the prince's dying breath, causing the confusion. After all, the Galaxy is in the bell-like object attached to the collar, not the collar itself.

This would mean it wasn't a Lost in Translation issue in the traditional sense, and would also affect how some of the other tropes associated with the scene actually apply.
02:29:42 PM Jan 31st 2017
edited by Larkmarn
If I recall correctly, he doesn't say anything, he says "Orion's b-... b-" and they say "belt?" and he says yes.

And the collar is certainly closer to a belt than the trinket is to a bell.
01:03:59 AM Nov 22nd 2012
I'm not sure I get the joke for Men in Black 3 with K neuralyzing me. Are we saying that Men in Black 3 is so bad that we're not going to be listing any tropes for it? (Because I'd disagree with that assessment).
12:11:02 AM Nov 30th 2012
Nevermind. Interface Screw on my part. Nothing wrong with the car but the loose nut behind the wheel.
07:10:27 AM Jun 4th 2012
Would the alien that looks like the "blobfish" be a Shout-Out to... the internet?

Also, I thought I saw Tim Burton on one of those "aliens among us" monitors...
04:28:40 PM May 27th 2012
The Viagrans and Getting Crap Past the Radar.
04:35:05 AM May 26th 2012
Why is Stable Time Loop listed for the third film? There was nothing stable with time travel in this movie.
05:21:39 PM May 27th 2012
My question exactly. The time travel in MIB 3 is very clearly not a stable time loop, as there are three different timelines: one in which K sets up the arcnet and arrests Boris, causing the near-extinction of the Boglodites; one in which Boris kills K, who never sets up the arcnet, leaving Earth defenseless for a future invasion; and one in which K sets up the arcnet and kills Boris, causing the total extinction of the Boglodites. These are all distinct, meaning that J was not involved in the original Boris-K encounter—he's not responsible for "the very events that underpin his 'present'"; rather, he creates a new present, just like Boris did when he first went back in time.

I think we should just remove Stable Time Loop and leave the entry for Temporal Paradox.
08:58:12 PM Dec 28th 2011
Can we make up our minds as to if the code names are spelled out "Kay" or letters "K"?
09:10:06 AM May 25th 2012
Should be just the initial, if I'm not mistaken, since it's J for James and K for Kevin. We actually see the name J used on screen when his civilian identity gets erased in the first film.

Also, in the third one, would Ret Gone be a suitable trope to describe K's fate? He gets deleted from the present by getting killed in the past by a time traveller.
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