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08:32:55 PM Feb 13th 2011
What the fuck, there's 2000+ trope entries for some random anime but only about 24 for this? What gives, TV Tropes?
09:44:47 PM Feb 13th 2011
Do something about it, then. That is, don't pull anime trope entries just because; add trope entries for this movie where it actually fits.
01:42:29 PM Jan 20th 2011
edited by RicaCriscia
Major Payne utilized in Cool and Unusual Punishment, such as shaving all of the misfits' heads and going down from there. The march in womens' dresses as punishment for a taking photograph of Payne and one of the boys (hello, Betty) sounds like a Crowning Moment of Funny. It's subverted, though, when a woman questions that.
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