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07:52:56 AM Feb 28th 2014
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"...However, we're still stuck with a White Male Lead..."

Had this phrase been about any other race, it would have been considered racist. Why does having a white male lead mean we are "stuck" with anything? What does it matter what color his skin is or what gender he is?
06:45:09 PM Feb 25th 2014
The Powerof Legacy

What Lord Herobrine wonders is whether or not (in the film, persay) it would have been more effective to pull one over on Ender's squadron after he's manipulated into using a Wave Motion Gun on the Formic homeworld, essentially committing genocide.

Seeing as it worked with Rackham, and The Hero and his crew have been emotionally and forcibly shattered, it may have been interesting if the entire crew was offed. They would have been broken anyway.
10:26:26 AM Feb 13th 2014
Artistic License - Military Entry - from the description, it sounds like they're using US Navy insignia for US Army/Air Force rank titles. I'm not sure how to fix this.
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