Tropers / Ripsaw

Troper. Likes to browse through looking for favorite series and the tropes therein. Amateur "Ham" Radio Operator (No, I'm not giving out my callsign).

Really hates this third-person thing.

Has added entries to several tropes, and has created one "series" listing for the Seafort Saga.

Is done talking about himself in the third person.

I'm currently working on a Star Trek fanfic-turned-original-universe-novel that features several tropes—which I call out by name in my notes in the universe bible! TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life indeed.
  • Upcoming quote, on seeing the first design of fighter-pilot flight suits
    Protagonist (and soon-to-be figter pilot): "Why are the chest sections red?"
    Designer: " reason."
    Protagonist: "Change it, please."

  • Also, plays Not Wearing Pants straight in a starship combat scene: the protagonist does not realize that he is on the bridge with only his shorts under his (transparent/translucent) emergency vacuum suit until combat is over.

  • A backstory note for a particular ship class notes that these ships only fly solo on patrols in backwater systems where "nothing ever happens"

  • Fun with Acronyms: the Single-pilot Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance Fighter, aka "STAR Fighter". More commonly known by a variant name/class name than the acronym.

  • I find that I'm heavily influenced by Robert A. Heinlein's World as Myth structure. Any named character exists somewhere in the multiverse. I might put them through hell, but I try very hard not to kill them except if it is required to advance the plot. On the other hand, if you find yourself in one of my stories without a name, find a good place to hide. And no, a rank or a callsign don't count as a name.

Active commenter over at the SCP Foundation wiki. Still have to come up with an original mainsite post that doesn't vanish into oblivion, but rescued a cardboard box from the recycling center...