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04:08:46 PM Mar 3rd 2012
As I've been expanding the Character sheet alone, I took myself the right to make the decision to remove all references to the meme from the sheet. Why? Personally, as much as I love the parody meme, I'm uncomfortable with mixing it with the movie, and still support having separate pages for them.

If someone wants give his bald headed objection to this, feel free to do so.
02:10:42 AM Mar 4th 2012
I think you're perfectly right. The movie and the meme should be treated separately.
06:36:48 PM Feb 11th 2012
Okay, as someone had begun a character sheet and then dropped it, I completed the work. To some extend, that is, as many side characters are still left out. One could argue Historical-Domain Character don't need or deserve Character Sheets for their fictional appearances, but let's say these sheets are for their portrayal in this particular movie, okay?

I tried to keep the meme influence to the minium and make it clear when the trope is about the character's parody meme self.

Also, I removed Only Sane Man from Günsche, as he's very loyal to Hitler. Instead the idea presented by the original contributor might suit better Punch-Clock Villain, which is the trope I used.

Btw, for some strange reason I couldn't directly link the Downfall Character Sheets to the Downfall Main page.
01:41:49 AM Feb 12th 2012
Fixed the link (seemed to work for me).
03:22:48 AM Feb 12th 2012
Thanks, it's working for me now too!
03:19:45 PM Mar 3rd 2012
edited by MaiaMaiden
Adding Jodl and Mohnke. Planning to add Hewel, Mitsch, Bormann, Keitel, Göring, Hanna Reitsch, Robert Ritter von Greim and Gerda in the future, unless someone else does it (?)
05:08:02 PM Feb 10th 2012
There seems to be a Bleach fanfiction called Downfall, and consequently the film's main page links to the fanfiction's Funny and Heartwarming pages. Is there anything we can do about this?
10:36:52 AM Feb 11th 2012
In such cases, we divide the Funny/Heartwarming pages (goes for YMMV, Awesome, Tearjerker etc. too) into sections for the different works (see How to Move a Page, under "Moving and soft-splitting subpages").

Added a section caption for the fanfic to Funny.Downfall and Heartwarming.Downfall each. I suspect we will never need a section for the movie on these two particular pages ...
11:12:24 AM Feb 11th 2012
Well, the movie has one scene that has become funny through Memetic Mutation...
02:10:15 PM Apr 15th 2011
Should there be a separate page for the meme? Especially if you're going to do the character list. Having all the dead serious and the wickedly funny content mixed feels both confusing and kind of wrong.
07:22:49 PM Dec 14th 2010
Uhhhh.....Why are Hitler and Joseph Goebbels not listed as Complete Monsters?
06:28:47 AM Feb 13th 2011
edited by RidderresL
Because it is debatable that they are portrayed as Complete Monsters. Some reviewers in Germany even loathed this movie for making them (especially Hitler) too sympathic. I can understand your question though, as I do believe they are Complete Monsters in this movie.
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