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11:09:34 AM Jan 18th 2014
The story descriptions here appear to be from the book (which I haven't read), since they differ in some respects from the film (e.g., the film's old age home is in Scotland, not Belgium).
10:33:38 AM Nov 24th 2013
I haven't seen the film, but I'm wondering if No Bisexuals should be added, since from the reviews I've read, the film went out of its way to make Frobisher 100% gay by removing his relationships with women from the novel, even when they were important to the plot. It seems to tie into the No Bisexuals mindset with all the Unfortunate Implications that entails.
08:28:16 AM May 22nd 2014
I haven't read the book, but in the movie he did have a relationship with Ayers' wife, Jocasta.
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