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02:25:36 PM Feb 8th 2013
Removed this one. It's not very clear-cut with all that Conversation in the Main Page which seems to have a point, and Karma Houdini is meant for real villains, Heel–Face Turn sometimes disqualifies a character.

  • Karma Houdini: OK, Capt. Renault turns good at the end, but he's still spent much of the war collaborating with the Nazis, including murdering prisoners at their command, and he's corrupt to boot.
    • It can be argued that someone who openly moves against the Nazis like Louis does is making such a personal risk that he can't possibly be a Karma Houdini.
    • Is being corrupt in a Nazi regime a bad thing? He was arranging exit visas for people who legally shouldn't have been allowed to leave (good), although he was charging a lot for this service (bad). He's still causing quite a bit of trouble for his superiors, even if his motives are less than altruistic.
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