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04:46:59 PM Mar 24th 2018
Hi, i wanted to recommend a fic but i dont know how. Should i ask permission first? Or someone else can recommend it. Seriously check it out, it is awesome and i have read it multiple times. Its Knowing Me, Knowing You by f_imagingings Pairing Bill Cipher/Stanford Pines. Its really great. Basically Bill gets stuck in a human body because of Ford. This is set when Ford was still building the portal for Bill.
07:36:05 PM Mar 12th 2015
Sure "The Gremloblin's Mirror" belongs here? I'm not sure it isn't a self-recommendation and it seems...incoherent, grammar-wise.
01:28:44 AM Mar 13th 2015
It seems fine for me.
04:30:11 AM Sep 24th 2014
I commented out an author that wasn't actually recommended by anyone. If someone wants to recommend him, just uncomment the entry and add your recommendation to it.
03:41:43 PM Dec 27th 2012
The fic recommended here is pretty much low-to-medium quality but I suspect that it's a self-recomendation, considering the origin of the story.
03:38:30 AM Dec 28th 2012
Could you expand on the origin of the story and why that means it's likely a self-rec? If it is, it needs to be pulled, per the rules stated on the main Fanfic Recs page.

If there's no reply in a few days or a week, I'll remove the rec and post it here to be looked at.
08:47:02 PM Mar 18th 2013
edited by blazichu
On the above note, I just removed a definite self-recommendation, considering it linked to the 'edit story' page. If it turns out that I screwed up, though, here's the info:

  • In Time
    • Recommended by: Phantomstory
    • Synopsis: Dipper and Mabel meet seven friends, who ask for their help in finding out the secrets of Gravity Falls. But, the nine of them might be in over their heads as they soon discover if they don't end up at each others' necks, Gravity Falls will get them first.
      • In Time is not finished yet.

ETA: Just noticed a blatant self-rec that I missed before. Again, just to be safe, here's the info:

  • The Rise of Grapple Girl
    • Recommended by: Stinkfly3
    • Synopsis: He was a hero who needed a partner. She was a girl who wanted a guy friend. And one morning, a powerful device changed their lives forever.
  • The Ninja-Grapple Chronicles
    • Recommended by: Stinkfly3
    • Synopsis: After the events of The Rise of Grapple Girl, Dipper and Mabel often visit Randy. Whether it was just a friendly hello, or Randy needed Mabel's help fighting a robot/Stanked monster, they always had fun in his world.

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