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08:13:14 PM Feb 22nd 2015
Almost every fic rec contains a comment as part of the recommendation, but the top of the page clearly states that nobody should leave comments, and that people should leave reviews instead. This is also stated on the main Fanfic Recs page. Shouldn't we be more consistent? Would it be better to remove the comments entirely, copy/paste them into reviews with a note about who originally wrote the comment, or simply leave the page as it is despite the contradiction?

I'm willing to go through and do any of the above, but I've never edited a big page like this before. I'd rather not mess the whole thing up if it's fine the way it is. So. Opinions?
12:00:57 AM Feb 23rd 2015
Aye, chuck the comments.
09:55:31 AM Feb 23rd 2015
Understood. Comments have been removed.
07:05:38 AM Jan 17th 2012
I'm updating the page to the new Fan Fic Recommendations format over the next couple of days. Due to the sheer page size this is more than I can do in one day, and will require multiple edits. So, apologies if any cross-editing occurs here if edit locks time out.

I'll also update the crossovers per subject since it has been asked for (eg all Potter crossovers together, all DCU crossovers together) and maybe separate out the YAHFs too.

07:06:37 AM Jan 17th 2012
edited by CrypticMirror
Have made small start, but all of a sudden my health problems have started again. I'll come back in an hour or two later today when I can co-ordinate my hands properly.
07:27:35 AM Feb 26th 2011
I think we should separate all the crossovers since there's so many.
07:01:21 AM Jan 17th 2012
I'll organise them per subject as part of the page revamp
04:15:54 PM Aug 2nd 2010
New recommendations at the bottom? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

That is totally counterintuitive. Also illogical.

New recs should go to the top, folks; there's no singles reason in the world to force people looking for new recommendations to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Hell, it's just plain silly. Reverse the order, it'd make things a lot easier for people who check it regularly.

(Yes, I realize we all want our recommendations at the top. We can't always get what we want, though, right?)
07:00:59 AM Jan 17th 2012
new items always go at the bottom on this wiki, just the way it is.
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