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11:06:22 PM Sep 24th 2013
Should i add Dead Fic?
07:08:27 AM Dec 14th 2011
edited by TrevMUN
Zaptech had this to say before removing an edit I had made to the Author Tract example:

12th Dec '11 7:22:13 PM Zaptech
I wouldn't say that he hates them that much; he doesn't like them, but he's apparently aware enough that he pokes fun at himself for that same dislike. And misuse of example indentation.
* Author Tract: Aside from the boiling hatred the author has for the official novelization, the author's made it clear he doesn't like big humanoid walkers like the Titan, Wolverine, and Avatar. There are also some much more subtle jabs and pokes in the story, such as some commentary on the interaction between the media and the military, and a general impression of War Is Hell.

First of all, the use of indentation was far from incorrect. You should review Example Indentation in Trope Lists before making such claims.

Second, may I offer you the author's own words on this very subject?

To respond to a point in a few of the reviews regarding walkers . . . well, I'll state it in no uncertain terms. I don't like walkers. That is, I don't like humanoid walkers. Quadrapedal or more leggy walkers are cool, but humanoid ones I just don't like all that much, from a purely militaristic standpoint of blunt practicality. There's all the standard reasons why no one has seriously considered using walkers as combat vehicles, like the logistics problems relating to constant maintenance of their legs, weight distribution, height vulnerability, the massive vulnerability of their legs, and so on. Walkers are not practical weapons, especially not the - and I am completely unafraid to say this - the downright retarded walker designs in Command and Conquer. The Titan (both new and old versions) make my head hurt wondering who designed them, and the Avatar is just plain silly. So a bit of warning: that contempt for humanoid walkers might show in the next few chapters. I'm going to show why GDI abandoned them, and why Nod is using them now, and why I feel tanks outclass them.

Emphasis mine. I think that makes it perfectly clear what his intentions were.
08:27:23 PM Dec 16th 2011
Good point. Conceded.
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