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04:06:48 AM May 29th 2012
Hey, can someone give me a hand here? Shivakeshi has a pretty blatant distaste for certain aspects of the Naruto canon, most notably Naruto and Sakura's implausibly overdone obsession with Sasuke (this is a common complaint about the series). As as result, she writes the series so Naruto decides that he's not willing to tolerate any more of Sasuke's bullshit now that he has Hitomi to live for, while Sakura realises that Sasuke was really just a jerk all along. Now, it's not a Revenge Fic by any means -Sasuke still gets a certain measure of respect and even Naruto still regrets eventually being forced to fight him to the death- and the issue the author has is more with the story direction than the character himself. But I'm not sure what it does count as. Would it be a Fix Fic, or is there a more appropriate trope to use?
10:49:19 PM May 31st 2012
Hey, anybody...?