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04:08:36 AM Aug 18th 2013
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Okay, I've been repeatedly trying to post in this section to counteract the Sesshomaru/Kagura shippers, because I keep seeing this pairing get pushed to the moon all over TV Tropes. They are not an actual couple on the show and yet with the way the fans have edited the website you would think they are.

Yet every counter-argument against the Sesshomaru/Kagura pairing has been deleted. Not only that, but now there are numerous posts in this section by angry Sesshomaru/Kagura fans telling me how wrong I am. Here is my original comment:

  • In the same vein, Sesshomaru/Kagura shippers push this couple as though they're an Official Couple like Inuyasha/Kagome, when in fact they are not. Though it's implied that Kagura developed feelings for Sesshomaru, there's never any indication that they were reciprocated. In fact, Sesshomaru's only reaction to Kagura's death is to say "She was smiling". Yet fans of this pairing have gone out of their way to present them as a canon couple, when they are not, and have even written lengthy articles at this website in multiple sections to "prove" they are official and to disregard any shippers who might support Sesshomaru/Rin or Sesshomaru/Kagome.

And these are what replaced my comment:

an't be said for the Sess Rin shippers. They don't only bash Kagura, but Inutaisho too just because they think he was the reason who "made Sesshomaru cold!" and even write fanfiction depicting Inutaisho as a [[rapist]] Sess Rin shippers are also known to go crazy bonkers if there's even a rumor of it being canon. Case in point, the rumor about the newest Inuyasha Drama CD that has so far been translated as being a story about Sesshomaru proposing to Rin. The Sess Rin shippers on Tumblr attacked the Inuyasha blog trying to get the mod to recognize it as canon and when he [[sunk their ship]] with the facts they then proceeded to send hate to anyone that wouldn't agree with them, even when the CD was anime-exclusive only and not written by Takahashi so therefore it wouldn't be canon anyways

  • Also in the manga, the relationship between Sessh/Kagura was more than just "she smiled." He breaks his Tokajin over her and his feelings for her allowed his Tenseiga to finally be transformed into a weapon because "she had filled an empty hole in his heart." A whole that most likely, previously left over from his father. The only person before Kagura that Sesshomaru gave a damn about. Implied unrequited [[Incest]] pairing? Yes, but at least it was between two adults compared to Sess Rin which sadly falls into [[lolicon]] territory.

You see what I mean about the Sesshomaru/Kagura shippers?

I don't think that's very fair that fans of a noncanon couple have hijacked this section and are censoring people who dare disagree with them.
08:03:21 AM Aug 18th 2013
Just so as a clarification, "contesting" existing entries on page are not allowed. Also, the generalizations about how fans of ship X bash characters involved in ship Y are not really welcome, either.
03:36:35 AM Aug 20th 2013
Hi Ravyn Skye, I c u.
08:09:08 PM Aug 31st 2013
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Because your edit was wrong. A lot more happened then him just saying "she was smiling", he breaks tokijin and risks his life trying to defend her (http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v41/c406/13.html),(http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v41/c407/5.html)(http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v41/c407/7.html), and then tenseiga transforms into a fighting weapon cause of his feelings for Kagura (http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v42/c409/15.html)(http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v42/c409/18.html) then he vows over the sword to avenge her (http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v42/c410/17.html). There's also a part where he lies to Moryoumaru to save her. (http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v37/c365/6.html),(http://mangafox.me/manga/inuyasha/v37/c365/7.html)

Also they didn't say it was complete and total canon, they said they count as being "implied love interests", implied, meaning they have feelings for each other but whether it was romantic or not can be debated, it even says on the Implied Love Interests page that "they're confirmed to have feelings for each other but the nature of their relationship can be debated". It even says on the character page "it wasn't blatant enough to be Official Couple, there's plenty of implication".

And the person who made that edit wasn't a sess/kagura shipper, they were a sess/inu-notaisho shipper, and even THEY can recognize that this at least counts as being Implied Love Interests.
08:11:59 PM Aug 31st 2013
I guess you missed the part where they spammed every single InuYasha page saying, and I quote, "Sesshomaru and Kagura are canon."
08:13:51 PM Aug 31st 2013
I'm not talking about the discussion page, I'm talking about the wiki itself.
05:06:47 AM Sep 15th 2013
I find it amazing that when I post here in a respectful manner about how a couple other than Sess/Kagura get harassed by the fan community, that I get responses on this page of either how wrong I am or how wrong the couple in question is (i.e. Sess/Rin) and the poster is allowed to do it. Yet when I do the same to Sess/Kagura, my posts are deleted.
05:53:53 PM Sep 15th 2013
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1) I'm not a Sess/Rin shipper, I'm a Sess/Kagome shipper. And even I can recognize that Sess/Kagu counts as Implied Love Interest at the least.

Your post was deleted because it WAS wrong. A LOT more happened than him just saying "she was smiling". And their posts were left because they were not wrong, Sess/Rin still counts as Wifehusbandry, I say this as a non biased Sess/Kagome shipper.

BTW, because of this argument, I agree with the Sess/Kagu shippers now. Sess/Rin fans are insane and in denial of everything that happened with Kagura, rampantly bash her out of jealousy, and if anybody says the tiniest thing about Sess/Rin and say it isn't the greatest they throw a fit.

Eur Asian Girl, who is a non-biased Sesshomaru/Inu-no-taisho shipper can recognize that Sess Kagura are Implied Love Interest at the very least and thinks Sess/Rin fans are insane. And this argument is proof of that. I agree with her as a non-biased Sess/Kagome shipper. You, Shasarazade, and your antics are proof of that and you make Sess/Rin shippers look bad.
09:40:17 AM Sep 16th 2013
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"Antics"? What antics? So I made a post against another pairing. I was told that I wasn't allowed to do that, so I stopped. Instead, I played by the rules and made a separate post to point out the type of hardships Sess/Rin fans face, as I have pointed out to you in private messages. When I do so, you start harassing my post as you had accused me of doing by pointing out how morally wrong this couple is.

You're completely biased. You have this point of view that Sess/Rin fans are irrational and only go out of their way to harass poor, defenseless Sess/Kagura fans. Fans who have hijacked this website to prop this noncanon couple as canon. It's not canon. It's never been canon. This doesn't mean Sess/Rin is canon either (especially since the series ended when she's still a child), but don't sit there and tell me to have respect for fans of the Sess/Kagura couple when you don't have any respect for fans of the Sess/Rin pairing.

It's no wonder that there's no opposing views against the Sess/Kagura fans when fans of Sess/anyone else get shouted down and accused of bullying.
02:45:49 PM Sep 16th 2013
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The amount of double standard you have for the Sess/Rin ship is outstanding fantasoda22. If you know Sesshomaru/Kagura is canon, why aren't you making an entry about the Sess/Kagome fans who say it's canon? I'm not joking, there are plenty out there.

Fantasoda22, you're either in denial that people can't interpret everything the same way you do or that you're a sock of someone in particular and you've just gotten better at trolling. Or maybe you just plain insane, who knows? But there is one thing in particular, you're using a false straw-man, writing everyone in the Sesshomaru/Rin ship as one way just because you're dealing with people who are at least standing up for this pairing that probably in your opinion, should rot in hell.

I've also noticed one other thing, you're accusing others of what you do yourself. You're a hypocrite. You've also gotten very hostile when others weren't.

And for the record, Sess/Rin is often looked down upon and written off as lolicon no matter the age and the writers are written off as pedophiles. That's by almost all pairing shippers. That entry is very correct.

One last thing, Eur Asian Girl does have bias. She's hates the Rin/Sesshomaru ship, she hates Rin and Izayoi, and reads far too deep into things.

PS: Again, not everyone interprets canon like you do, therefore making something like the Wife Husbandry comment a YMMV statement which has a whole other category. And again, contesting entries aren't allow, exactly what yours was. That's why Shaz had to delete their post.
05:10:34 PM Sep 16th 2013
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Your antics of being in denial of everything that happened with Kagura and throwing a fit and censoring anybody that dares to imply Sess/Rin isn't Teh Greatest.

"I played by the rules and made a separate post to point out the type of hardships Sess/Rin fans face, as I have pointed out to you in private messages. When I do so, you start harassing my post as you had accused me of doing by pointing out how morally wrong this couple is."

I didn't say it was morally wrong, I just explained that what you said was wrong because I still see it as Wife Husbandry. I merely just disagreed with you and the fact that you're sitting here throwing a fit over that is evidence of how insane the sess/rin fanbase is.

No i'm not biased. Before this argument I merely thought that the Sess/Rin ship was a bit disturbing, but I didn't hate it or anything. Because of this argument my opinion about Sess/Rin shippers has totally changed. They're batshit bonkers and totally in denial of everything that happened with Kagura.

"Fans who have hijacked this website to prop this noncanon couple as canon."

Except the posts on this site were NOT made by sess/Kagura fans. Those posts have been on this site for YEARS now, and EVERYONE agreed with them. EVERYONE ON THE SITE agreed with them. I'm a Sess/Kagome fan, and Eur Asian Girl is a Sess/Inu-no-taisho fan, and even we can realize that Sess/Kagura counts as Implied Love Interest at the very least. You're in denial of it cause you feel that Kagura is a threat to the sess/Rin ship.

"If you know Sesshomaru/Kagura is canon" You really can't read. No one on the site said it was complete and total canon, we said they are "Implied Love Interest", meaning they have feelings for each other but whether it was romantic or not can be debated. EVERYONE on this website agrees with this, even the non- sess/kagura shippers. Only Sess/Rin shippers continue to be in denial.

What double standard? That I don't appreciate your trolling?

"writing everyone in the Sesshomaru/Rin ship as one way" Maybe because you guys keep ACTING THAT WAY? You guys are looked down apon by the fandom because of your own batshit behavior. If you don't want people writing you guys off as being insane, maybe you shouldn't, you know, ACT LIKE YOU'RE INSANE.

I wasn't hostile. I merely disagreed and you threw a fit.

"often looked down upon and written off as lolicon no matter the age"

Because like Is said, even if she does grow up it's still Wife Husbandry. It is NOT a YMMV statement, it's a FACT. He raised her, and is still involved in raising her at the end.

Regardless, she is not a Sess/Kagura shipper, and even she can recognize that K Agura counts as Implied Love Interest at the very least. If even a Sess/Inu-no-taisho shipper can recognize that, then you sess/rin shippers are in some serious denial to not be able to.

05:30:24 PM Sep 16th 2013
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The Wife Husbandy thing is not a YMMV thing. It IS Wife Husbandry, and he IS still in contact with her at the end and hasn't cut off all ties with her so it's Wife Hunsbandry. We have Sesshomaru/Rin listed as an example under the "fanfiction" tab of the Wife Husbandry page.

I agree with Fantasoda22. You Sess/Rin shippers are insane and in total denial. I say this as a Sesshomaru/Inuyasha shipper. Fantasoda22 does not have any "double standard", she merely disagreed with you and the fact that you are sitting here removing her edits, trying to censor her and trying to stop her from disagreeing with you is evidence that the things that people are saying about you are true.

If you are going to put your opinion in there, let other people disagree with you and let other people put their opinion in there too, and stop trying to censor anybody that disagrees with you.

The fact that you're sitting here trying to censor anyone who may disagree with you is evidence that fantasoda22 and Eur Asian Girl are correct.

Oh and Shasarazade..."hijacked by sess/kagura shippers"??? The vast majority of people on this website are NOT sess/Kagura shippers, and we put those edits in there. The moderators added some of those edits too, and the moderators don't ship much of anything.

I'm a Sesshomaru/Inuyasha shipper and yaoi fan, and even I can recognize that Sess/Kagu is the canon pairing.
06:50:24 PM Sep 16th 2013
Wife Husbandry isn't YMMV, but I'm impressed that it was put in the fanfiction tab because it isn't necessarily canon.
09:01:46 PM Sep 16th 2013
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This ends here and now. Shipping wars are among the most pathetic and useless things known to mankind. Both of you are in the wrong for perpetuating this one. Accusing each other of bias, bringing up long lists of flimsy "facts" to support your case. Blegh.

The entry will remain deleted, and both of the perpetrators have been suspended, as will anyone else who tries to start it up again.
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