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05:41:09 AM Feb 2nd 2017
edited by GlitteringFlowers
  • Sexism existed in the Ever After High series, but the book adaptations ramped it up a lot. Somehow a world where girls studied politics, (magic-)science and cross-country riding in high school, were encouraged to use libraries and the Internet, could dress however they liked, could become renowned businesswomen and not-Quidditch champions note , and never showed anything other than total agency in their love lives became a borderline-Crapsaccharine World whose characters angsted over being seen as nothing more than a pretty face, never had their academic achievements acknowledged, were never allowed "to do anything dangerous or exciting", and whose assigned schoolwork was entirely frivolous in nature. Female characters that didn't fit this agenda were consequently ignored by the authors. In comparison, in the series...one football player refused to let Cerise play on the team, before learning An Aesop at the end of that episode. And that was about as bad as sexism got.

Like I said, this sounds less like Darker and Edgier and more like Complaining About Shows You Don't Like. The fact that it's written like a bad article from The Mary Sue doesn't help.
10:59:16 AM Feb 3rd 2013
Someone recently put Complete Monster links on some of the characters on this page. They don't belong there. That is Flame Bait and someone should take them off.
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