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09:01:50 PM Mar 23rd 2011
I added a note near the end about a particular section from the end of Bowling for Columbine - The sequence where he calls up the stairs to Heston and holds up the young girl's photograph - as I felt it was notable, due to it being either blatantly impossible as presented, or proof positive that Moore's cameraman is a wizard with the powers to bend time and space.
03:16:28 AM Apr 3rd 2011
Also, I just edited said note to be less conversational in tone, as that was noted to me as a possible problem by another troper.
02:38:08 PM May 30th 2010
First off, this page needs help - it's almost entirely an anti-Moore screed and provides little information on tropes used by his films.

Second, a lot of what was pulled was either rewritten to actually comply with a real trope, or pulled because they weren't that trope at all.

  • Hypocritical Humor: Funny how Moore, big-time union supporter, only hires non-union labor for his movies...
    • A better example: Capitalism: A Love Story is an indictment of capitalism, despite the fact that it's entirely responsible for all of his fame and success.

Hypocritical Humor is for when the work itself makes jokes about hypocrisy. Michael Moore being a hypocrit is not this trope (unless he seriously said something like "Ha ha ha, I hate capitalism! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to swim through a giant pile of my money.")
  • Just Plane Wrong: During Bowling For Columbine, Moore stands in front of a museum's B-52 and claims the plaque celebrates that the plane killed civilians in the Vietnam War. The plaque in question actually states that during one of the Linebacker operations, the B-52 in question shot down a Vietnamese MiG with its tail gun.

None of this had to do with plane-specific actions. It's an example of Moore misattributing history. Moved to Did Not Do The Research.

  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Pretty much the liberal community's reaction to Moore after he failed to deliver on his promise to oust Bush, with the realization that giving a man like him such a big microphone might have cost them a good deal credibility (some people like to joke that, far from removing Bush from office, Farenheit 9/11 actually helped Bush win by acting so high and mighty that it kept independents away from the polls). Long story short, during the run-up to the 2004 election, Moore was the hottest thing in the liberal community, if not the country, and had become a household name. After the election, though, he pretty much disappeared from the limelight, releasing a movie on occasion, but never reaching the level of popularity he had once had. Nowadays, most liberals won't count Moore among their own, and several liberal pundits (including noted Nation writer Eric Alterman) urge people not to listen to him.

I'm fairly certain there are no liberals that have killed Michael Moore for failing their evil plans. Moved and rewrote for Fallen Creator since it still had some merit.
09:50:08 PM Aug 21st 2010
edited by MindGamer
And then there's making biased claims on certain statements, for no purpose other than to bash.

  • Dethroning Moment Of Suck: Nobody, I mean nobody, can claim this was not his absolute lowest point, regardless of any Strawman Has A Point hate he might recieve.
""The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow and they will win."

This is given no reasoning for being a Dethorning Moment Of Suck, other than merely existing. The claim can also be turned on it's head (In an opinion, like with anything else) in that it could be seen as nothing but a possible truth, if viewed from the other side of the war.
11:40:26 AM Oct 19th 2010
edited by anonymous738
OK, this article REALLY needs some re-writting, its just too much of a flame bait, I would even go as far as saying it should be locked.
02:54:12 PM Sep 19th 2011
I think setting up a proper trope repair shop discussion would be a good start.
02:32:44 PM May 20th 2012
He's praising and cheering on Iraqi terrorists. That's a definite DMOS.
04:58:22 AM Nov 21st 2012
After lurking for a good year or so, I've finally decided to join TV Tropes just so this can be fixed up. This Michael Moore page is so blatantly anti-Moore it's ridiculous! Agreed it has no information whatsoever on his films and is simply here to discredit and make fun of him. I agree that it should be locked or at least discussed further. there are plenty of tropes, I'm sure to apply to his films and tv work.
03:29:27 PM Nov 21st 2012
Y'know, I can't help but think it's odd how Rush Limbaugh's mention of support for the Lord's Resistance Army gets the YMMV page destroyed, and his article lightly praises him, while Michael Moore's article is pretty negative.
10:06:16 PM Jun 17th 2013
I'm with BNJC 1. Glenn Becks page also lightly praises him but this article makes it clear that whoever wrote it fucking HATES Michael Moore. We should at least be consistent with our attitude towards pundits. I hope there is not some right wing admin trying to shove his/her views down peoples throats via a website about tropes. Tropes, not politics. Free Republic is where you can go to complain about liberals.
05:00:22 PM Jun 18th 2013
"Im fairly certain there are no liberals who have killed Michael Moore for failing their evil plans."

I have to get that into a conversation somehow.
09:56:09 PM May 4th 2014
I still want a reply as to why this page can be so openly negative (it opens with Hitchens bashing him) yet Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaughs are neutral if not somewhat positive? What the hell is going on here? I don't like the guy either but why are the pages on actual pundits leaning so heavily to the right (and, let's face it, Rush Limbaugh is arguably even worse than Moore)?

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