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01:27:30 AM Sep 13th 2013
My Name Is Not Durwood is no longer a trope. Please readd under a more appropriate trope.
  • My Name Is Not Durwood: Superman refuses to be called "Clark Kent" after Lois is killed. It's part of his divorce from the rest of humanity. Even Batman calls him Clark just to press his buttons; Wonder Woman calls him Clark out of reflex. He reclaims the name Clark Kent after he realizes he was wrong to flee humanity when they needed him most. In fact, Superman becomes the mask Clark wears by the end.
01:07:53 AM Apr 11th 2013
edited by lxmklctd
About the blind idiot translation. I'm a Filipino and the way understand the blind idiot translation about the guy in the UN is that he's calling Superman crazy (although he said siVa ulo, it was probably misspelled, siva isn't a word). "Sira-ulo" means crazy or insane person (sira=broken, ulo=head) so "nandiyan na ang sira ulo" means "the crazy man/guy is here" which is probably what the author meant since Supes is going berserk at that point. his next sentence "papatayin nila ulo" was probably meant to say he was going to kill the "head" of the UN. if you translate what he actually said it would sound something like "They're going to kill head" (papatayin=will kill/going to kill, nila=they, also although the author could use ulo to mean head of an organization it's not frequently used that way since ulo usually means the head of a person/animal). The correct sentence would be "papatayin niya ang puno" which would mean "he's going to kill the head/leader." niya=he/she, puno=head of the organization(it could also mean other things like tree but given the sentence and the context it's less ambiguous.) Though this seems probable and the "nearest" correct translation to the sentence since the "head" or secretary-general is the one who authorized the nuke we don't see Supes looking for or hunting only the secretary-general in the panel but he's collapsing the roof intending to kill everyone.

unrelated question to the above: is it considered shout out when the Spectre was describing Batman and Superman and the panel showed the comic cover of their first appearances?

09:33:55 AM Nov 23rd 2012
Has anyone come up with a Take That! to Kingdom Come?
09:45:01 AM Nov 23rd 2012
Probably. What does this have to do with the trope listings on this page?
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