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01:17:44 PM Nov 28th 2013
I know these tracts are Acceptable Targets in essence (and I say this as an at least nominally evangelical Christian), but is it possible much of the main page borders on bashing (which isn't supposed to happen here, I thought)?
02:07:57 AM Nov 30th 2013
You're right about the "no bashing" rule. It's just that nobody has taken the trouble to keep the page clean. If you want to weed out bashing to turn the page more matter-of-fact, you are welcome.
07:12:55 AM Jul 23rd 2013
You know how in "Lisa", Henry is confronted by the doctor who found out that Henry had been molesting Lisa, and instead of CALLING THE COPS, he converts Henry? There's got to be a trope at play there. Anybody know of one?
08:11:51 PM Jan 19th 2013
Should we create a character page?

I mean, there are recurring characters, like Lil Susy, Ms Henn. Fang! freaking Fang!
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