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02:56:36 AM May 3rd 2013
Okay, this page's length has crossed the 400k mark, and currently stands at 405875 characters. I'm going to split the page based on that.
09:18:18 AM Mar 27th 2013
Does Surge Protector count as Genius Loci?
06:20:04 PM Mar 20th 2013
Who's the blue villainess sitting next to Neff? I tried to look her up, and a lot of people seem to think it's Mishaela from Shining force, while others think it's Elizabeth Bartley from Castlevania.
12:07:01 PM Feb 21st 2013
Ralph is listed as having both a Big Brother Instinct towards Vanellope and being her Papa Wolf. Rather than edit warring over the latter, discuss it here.

So which is it? Does he treat her like his daughter or his little sister?

Ralph never came across as particularly paternal to me, so I'm in favor of removing Papa Wolf. Given that examples need to justify their existence, would someone in favor of keeping Papa Wolf mind explaining how their relationship is specifically father-daughter instead of some other sort of protector-protected relationship?

02:11:18 PM Feb 23rd 2013
edited by Twoie92
It's still displayed on the main page, though.

This could go either way. While most of his actions are that of a big brother, that rampage he went on at the end of the movie seemed to have some Papa Wolf vibes. There's also the fact that he's said to be thirty and she's nine... (Big Bros are usually younger than this)

It is possible for a character to act like a big brother most of the time, but when the other character gets into trouble, Papa Wolf comes out. For those in doubt, I direct you over to Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
04:36:42 PM Mar 2nd 2013
Anyone can edit the wiki. It being on the main page just means someone put it there, not that that the Trope Fairy came for a visit.

In any case, while I wouldn't disagree he's pretty brotherly towards Vanellope, I disagree with the trope on two reasons:

1. He treats her more like a kid sister than a father. 2. He does not go into rage modes or immediately destroy all who might harm Vanellope, which is what characterizes the trope in the first place. He wants her to be safe, but we are never shown to see him go out of his way to protect only Vanellope from harm, except for when he defends her from bullying—but he didn't like her at the time, and he waited quite a while before running in.

And another character from another show is not evidence for this character. Also, both Vanellope and Ralph are ageless. Vanellope has been nine for a long time, and it's not clear what Ralph is supposed to be, besides an adult.
08:11:40 AM Jan 26th 2013
Should we have a picture of Turbo and hide it as a spoiler for King Candy.
08:29:51 PM Jan 19th 2013
King Candy is a main character. Why is he in Other?
07:51:18 AM Jan 21st 2013
Main characters is the heroes/heroines.
04:48:05 PM Nov 25th 2012
The Real Women Don't Wear Dresses trope on Vanellope is incorrect as she is wearing a skirt made of Reese's wrappers normally.
12:20:39 PM Nov 14th 2012
Who is deleting completely relevant entries to this Character page?!
12:24:41 PM Nov 14th 2012
The mods; they're not deleting anything, just commenting out Zero Context No Text examples. They're still there in the edit pane, they just need the
11:43:17 PM Nov 14th 2012
Put 'em back, seriously. That was unnecessary.
04:27:55 PM Nov 23rd 2012
edited by Gregzilla
EDIT: Never mind this, I misread something.
03:34:40 PM Nov 4th 2012
Do you think we should make one for Brad?...sure he's only in flashbacks, but..still..he's kind of important for Calhoun's Character Development.
07:39:58 PM Nov 15th 2012
Why the hell not?
04:08:26 PM Sep 16th 2012
Is Ralph really a Genius Bruiser? While not stupid, there's nothing I've heard of so far that could categorize him as Genius. Can someone help me out here?
12:09:53 PM Nov 3rd 2012
He's clever, as shown with the trick he pulled at the very end, but I wouldn't classify him as a Genius Bruiser. He's certainly not dumb, though genius is a stretch.
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