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03:02:55 PM May 4th 2014
On the Old Horde/Iron Horde discussion page I posted a suggestion but I don't think anyone will see it, so I'll repost here.

With Warlords getting ever closer, anyone think we could better organize this page? Like, narrow the characters into folders for their Clans (Blackhand, Orgrim, and Rend in a Blackrock tab, Gul'dan and Garona in a Shadow Council tab, Zul'jin in an Amani tab, etc). This would let us add a few more characters as Warlords brings them out (A Frostwolf tab could have Ga'nar and AU!Drek'thar and Draka).

01:42:34 PM Feb 20th 2014
What do you guys think of an 'others' page where more minor characters that don't fit into the factions can be placed? Like the Taunka, Revantusk, Hozen, etc?
01:24:56 AM Feb 21st 2014
So a page for the minor factions of the Horde, without playable races? Sure, that could work. So there would be the Taunka tribes, Revantusk (and other non-Darkspear trolls), Forest Hozen, mag'har (if they aren't listed anywhere else), mok'nathal, and some ogre tribes. Anyone else I forgot?
11:48:03 PM Feb 22nd 2014
I think that's all of em.
01:37:39 AM Feb 23rd 2014
Sure, go ahead and make this page.
08:33:46 PM Dec 21st 2013
Page needs to be split for length. A lot of the character pages are nearing the limit, but this is the worst.
07:10:31 PM Dec 25th 2013
Split them by race. Still need major ZCE and spoiler cleanup, though. Plus folderizing.
09:32:26 AM Jul 3rd 2013
Rexxar: Type IV because while he was helpful, he's still an mercenary who talks about being one with nature while slaughtering en masse and killing rare phoenixes for a egg.

Vol'jin he borders on type V, the only reason he isn't is because he owes thrall.
09:37:28 AM Jul 3rd 2013
yeah, no. Voljin's one of the most honorable, likeable characters in the game.
01:35:33 AM Jul 4th 2013
We don't list examples of Anti-Hero with "Type III" or "Type IV". You have to use the name used on Anti-Hero, like Classical Anti-Hero instead.

With that said, no. Rexxar isn't a mercenary, he decides to join the Horde and is made its champion. Killing phoenixes would make him a hypocrite, but not a villain or anything.

And what, exactly, has Vol'jin done that could be interpreted as "evil"? All I can see is fighting the Alliance on Garrosh's orders, just like everybody else in the Horde.
08:52:27 PM Jan 17th 2013
if audio files from ptr 5.2 are to be believed we cand add took alevel in badass to lor'themar
11:54:25 AM Jun 22nd 2011
Isn"t Sylvanas a draco in leather pants?
12:33:25 PM Jun 22nd 2011
She might be, but Draco in Leather Pants is a YMMV trope, so it can't be listed on the main/ or characters/ subpages, but on the YMMV subpage. And she's already there anyway.
05:19:50 PM Jun 22nd 2011
Ok thank you
07:28:16 PM Jun 22nd 2011
Oh,and wouldn"t garrosh be an example of "beware the silly ones" in tbc?
02:17:30 AM Aug 5th 2013
He's not silly as much as stupid.
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