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06:01:52 PM Mar 20th 2011
Say, where's Executor Selendis? I thought she'd get a page on this. After all, she's at least a support character and appears in "In Utter Darkness". Granted, I can understand if she doesn't fall under a lot of tropes...
02:51:49 PM Oct 20th 2011
edited by AMNK
Was in the main SC page, as she was retconned as the Protoss Player Character in BW. Was moved into the SC2 sheet for that reason.
07:36:07 PM Sep 6th 2013
I'd like to bring them back up. While she may or may not be the Episode IV Executor, she is definitely the Dark Vengeance Executor, so she would technically be introduced in Brood War the same way Artanis is considered to be introduced in Starcraft I due to Word Of God retconning he was the Episode III Executor.
11:39:21 AM Dec 18th 2010
Why isn't the Dark Voice Complete Monster in the YMMV section? from what little we do see of him he more the qualifies.
09:52:06 AM Dec 19th 2010
Because Complete Monster is a Subjective Trope. And, as such, it belongs to the YMMV page.
03:29:36 PM Dec 19th 2010
I thought that if the character did legitmately qualify then he should be allowed in. After all, no one is disputing that the prophet of truth is a complete monster. The dark voice has shown himself to be just as evil as prophet of truth. His victory is shown in all it's horrors in In the bad future presented in the level In Utter Darkness, and in what we do see he causes the deaths of untold trillions just to remake the universe in his image, gleefully throws his pawns under the bus once they've outlived their purpose, and is ultimately responsible for almost all the atrocities that the zerg commit (meaning the destruction of the xel naga, the rape of tarsonis, the destruction of aiur etc). If that isn't complete monster material, I don't know what is.
03:20:10 AM Dec 20th 2010
And I forgot to mention... there IS already a Complete Monster entry in StarcraftII for the Dark Voice. The Wiki has a policy regarding subjective entries like that one.