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04:05:03 PM Mar 5th 2014
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on the shout out page.

was it me, or did i hear Chiyo in episode 9?

04:49:51 PM Mar 5th 2014
Yes 033H and Chiyo are voiced by the same actress in the original Japanese version, not the dub though.

Though it's less of a shout out and more of a Hey Its That Voice.
05:03:11 PM Mar 5th 2014
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(pumps fist) however, I was thinking about the english voice actor, Jessica Boone. Is that the same too?
05:16:16 PM Mar 5th 2014
Nah, the English voice of 033H is Felecia Angelle a relative newcomer to Funimation with a few voices to her belt.
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