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08:35:37 PM Dec 6th 2014
Y'all forgot about Job John, the unsung hero of White Base.
12:23:37 AM Jul 31st 2013

  • Hollywood Nerd: Played with. Amuro IS a geeky, irritable, unwashed engineer who cherishes his solitude. He's also a kind, thoughtful, gun-toting Heroic Badass, has an attractive best friend who thinks he's hot, a laundry list of women interested in his welfare and well-being, and is on the verge of eventually growing up into someone very sexy...

First off, this is gushing, which is not cool. Secondly, it's not an example of the trope, precisely because he's not Hollywood Dateless or Hollywood Homely, and it isn't a Beautiful All Along plot. In this series, he has one girl chasing him, and one genuine (and screwed up) romantic liaison, but he's not portrayed as especially attractive at this point in his life. He's just an arrogant teenage prat in a Coming-of-Age Story.

Bottom line, he's not "a Hollywood depiction of an awkward nerdy guy."
12:27:24 PM Feb 10th 2013
Okay, I have to disagree about Dozle. Arguing that, because he is part of Zeon, he is evil, is pushing it; in general, a military commander for an Evil Empire is not automatically evil. For comparison purposes, I'd be hard-pressed to call Erwin Rommel (Wehrmacht) or Erich Raeder (Kriegsmarine) bad people for doing their jobs.
02:02:28 AM Feb 14th 2013
I seem to remember that All There in the Manual information indicates that Dozle oversaw at least some of the colony drops and gassings near the start of the One Year War. At the very least, as supreme commander of Zeon's space forces, he was too high up in the chain of command to be completely divorced from the nation's less savoury policies. Rommel is a bad comparison, given the bubbling controversy over whether the Afrika Korps fought quite as cleanly as the popular narrative suggests (see Rommel's War, by Jorg Mullner), and as for 'just doing their jobs'... you're familiar with the Nuremberg Defence, yes?
12:01:13 PM Feb 14th 2013
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Can you source me on Dozle's involvement in the gassing of civilians?

If not, then we have no indication that he was actually involved in the more Nazi elements of the Principality's activities (remember that he has no command over Kycilia's forces). Creating involvement by inference, especially in a military as politicized as Zeon (Right Hand Versus Left Hand), is a bad idea.