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05:42:38 PM Jun 29th 2014
I agree that the group was shoehorned to Five-Man Band, but I think some of the archetypes still fit some of the characters:

  • The Heart: [Kagome]'s a Parental Substitute for Shippo, emotional support for Sango, and steers Inuyasha to the path of heroism instead of jerkism.

Kagome put the group together and she kept it together. She was the mediator, keeping them from hurting or abandoning each other, she was the emotional support for them and encouraged them to trust, convincing Inuyasha that there was more than just violence and hate, making sure that Sango (and the others) didn't give up on Kohaku, convincing Miroku that Sango's feelings were more important that womanizing, etc. Sure, as time went by, the dynamics changed somewhat with Miroku becoming Sango's support and Inuyasha being Miroku's, and they all supported each other, but none of that would have happened without Kagome. Not to mention all the people she helped along the way as well.

Miroku is the most intelligent of the group, he knows a lot about the spiritual and supernatural world, he's a "street-smart Trickster who has traded in knowledge and intelligence for know-how and intel" since he's always asking the right questions from everyone so that they can have the right information to defeat their enemies. He also fits this: "His knowledge will allow him to find enemy weaknesses and to serve as Mr. Exposition in order to explain plot points to the less intelligent members of the team (and the audience)."

Kirara in her small form (and sometimes even big form) is an adorable partner and comic-relief.

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